Taking your dreams from paper to reality, creating dreams that last a lifetime

About Marcia Bravo

Celebrant UK & Spain

Hi, I´m Marcia... Fondly known as
“M “or “MB”.

I´m a black passionate creative and eclectic wedding celebrant in Malaga, Southern Spain. I worked in UK charities for over 20 years supporting and motivating people in crisis situations; helping them recover and achieve their aspirations. I listened to their stories of crisis, love and loss, so I guess you can say after more than 20+ years I´ve homed my listening and communication skills. Now I get to use my vault of life skills and life changing experiences, love for working with people, creativity and passion to take couple´s dreams like yours from paper to reality…I write and officiate bespoke bilingual, elopement, LGBTQ, micro, multicultural and multiracial wedding ceremonies for couples like you in the UK and Spain, creating memories that last a lifetime…

I always knew that I wanted to work with people, so as a caring, determined, passionate non-judgemental and person-centred person; from the moment I left school my passion has been to do just that…I loved every minute of supporting individuals within housing charities to recover and achieve their personal aspirations...and have learned a lot from them in the process too…
Are you still wondering what working in the charity sector and being a wedding celebrant in the UK and Spain have in common?

Well, I can help you with that…

I didn´t find celebrancy, it found me

Training people to be the best that they can be in their work and personal lives along with public speaking have been at the forefront of my career and I am so passionate about interacting with people from different backgrounds and life experiences.

I believe that to be able to really listen and interpret what people are saying is a true art and I have heard many stories over the years of courage, strength and inspiration and have felt privileged to be the person chosen to hear those stories…many told for the first time…

I have developed the essential people skills needed to effectively communicate and motivate individuals, not only providing support but also safeguarding adults and children.

I am well versed in listening to individuals; their stories of significant moments of their life journey and I ensured that I gave each person the best possible service as part of their customer journey. I believe that my skillset listening, encouraging and supporting individuals within charities to achieve their personal aspirations to move forward in life are those that will enable me as your celebrant to support you as a couple in your journey in life to marriage.

So these skills are really great for when I´m organising your wedding and interpreting your needs.

I´ve had an amazing and rewarding journey in my career in the charity sector and so with a vault packed with lots of knowledge, life skills and life changing experiences; I decided to change my career path. Becoming a UK and Spain celebrant has been one of the best decisions I have ever made…

Luckily for me celebrancy found me…

I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to convert and use my life experience and passion to work with couples. It´s because as a wedding celebrant I get to continue to do something that I love. As a creative person I can´t think of anything else I´d rather be doing than writing and officiating bespoke destination wedding ceremonies for couples like you in the UK and Spain.

My style is vibrant and eclectic; maybe a bit like you!! It´s in the bright clothes I wear; maybe that you wear…My crazy hair!! My Afro Caribbean heritage. Your passion for life, my passion for bringing your story alive. Want colour? then that´s exactly what you´ll get…we´ll share this together on your special day... If you want an alternative wedding ceremony full of life; that weaves your amazing love story into symbolic rituals like a Hand-fasting, Jumping the broom or other cultural rituals and more that´s me… I use the experience from my vault of listening to people’s stories of love and life over the decades, and that´s a lot… alongside my creativity and imagination for interpreting stories. Added into the mix; positive energy and inspiration I feel when I´m connected to nature to write your bespoke wedding ceremony. If my style resonates with you both and your dream is a wedding with colourful metaphors, then I´m the celebrant for you.

M xxx

What people say about me

My values have always shaped everything I have done in life and will continue to do so…

I will always treat you with respect
Promise to be non-judgemental
Always strive to do my best when working with you
Listen to what you are saying and give you the best advice
Check that I have understood what you wanted
Evaluate how I can make improvements to my services

The way in which, I supported people has always been driven by my values...it´s very much part of the person who I am…To me they are fundamental and For you they are the promise of how I will interact with you throughout our time together...as we make the journey to your amazing wedding day.