Andalusian Weddings

Andalusian Wedding picture perfect location.

Why Andalusian weddings are perfect

Perfect climate for an Andalusian wedding

Getting married in Andalusia is perfect because Andalusia averages more than 300 days of sun per year, making it an excellent wedding destination.   As such It´s even possible to enjoy an Andalusian wedding in December; now that can´t be bad!


The culture of Andalusia is one that embraces you from the moment you arrive. So it comes as no surprise why many people instantly fall in love with the culture and ambience of Andalusia. The scenery is exceptional for an Andalusian wedding; with wonderful venues such as villas, castles and fincas available to rent. And because the natural environment is so stunning; it´s apt for an elopement outdoor wedding or micro wedding

The views across Andalusia are breath taking and magical. So where better to enjoy your celebrant led Andalusian wedding.  Picture saying your I do´s to the backdrop of nature, exotic plants, mountains, sea with panoramic views. The un-describable scene to have your lifetime wedding photos and special moments captured is priceless. I don´t think it can get any better than that, can it!

Affordability with an Andalusian wedding

Having an Andalusian wedding is super affordable because you are travelling with fewer guests. Therefore the overheads you spend in respect of catering costs and accommodation are significantly reduced. Leaving more for you to spend on yourselves. For instance you can splash out on your wedding accommodation and if your having a honeymoon in the same place its even better. Also with global flights to and from Spain at affordable prices flying to Andalusia is easy and there´s a wedding package to suit all budgets.

Architecture and history

Andalusia´s architectural landscape is extraordinary, steeped in Roman and Arabic history. In addition, it´s Mediterranean charm with its historical areas evident, throughout Andalusia. It´s gardens and water fountains, stoned walls, cobbled streets, offer you a chance to be part of the magic with an Andalusian wedding.

To sum up

What´s not to like about a wedding in Andalusia? Andalusia´s architectural gems and history, surrounded by breath taking views, amazing weather, vibrant culture and warm welcome will facinate you. The rich Andalusian gastronomy and music are perfect companions for a wedding ceremony, in the place where dreams are made.

Are you looking for a celebrant led wedding in Andalusia in 2024 or 2025, I´d love to hear your story?

Get in touch today, so we can start planning your special day.

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