Destination Wedding in Spain

One of 5 reasons for having a destination wedding in Spain is the beautiful places to have a celebrant wedding.
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Weather & environment

The weather in Spain is amazing and in Andalusia there are on average 320 days of sun for instance.  This is of the 5 reasons for a destination wedding in Spain.  As such it´s possible to have a destination wedding in Spain for the majority of the year.  So, what´s not to like.  Spain is very romantic country full of beautiful scenery, panoramic views of the sea, beaches, woodlands and mountains.  Perfect for your destination wedding, especially if you love adventure, walking or hiking.  The beauty of this style of wedding in Spain; is that it includes all the elements that make it personalised to you, just like a celebrant wedding.

The sun in Spain has an intensity different from that of the UK; it automatically makes you feel alive.  And what better place to spend your special day.  Imagine the sea and bright skies in the background as you say your I do´s.  Or as you tell each other what the other means to you as the sunsets.

Destination wedding in Spain – intimate & perfect for romantics

If you are both romantic and love to travel then a destination wedding in Spain will resonate with you.  With its stunning fairy tale scenery, romantic music, architectural jewels and country steeped in Arabic influence.  A destination wedding affords you the opportunity to reduce your guest list to make your celebrant wedding more intimate with either just you or your A1 guest list.

Reduce stress

It goes without saying that weddings can be very stressful.  From the amount of consideration´s you need to make, more often in respect of family and friends and who to invite.  Planning your wedding should be a positive experience as you move closer to making your commitments with your life partner.  However; for some couples it can be less positive.  A destination wedding helps you to be in control whilst reducing the stress.  Often with destination weddings your closest friends and family are your support team and with less people comes more opportunities.


An advantage of having your wedding in another location, is being able to reduce the costs in terms of overheads.  In addition, a destination wedding in Spain is so versatile, It´s  easy to  have the wedding of your dreams. A destination wedding makes it easier to combine your honeymoon and wedding, particularly important if your busy professionals. Furthermore if you enjoy spending time with family and friends you can have the best of both worlds with this type of wedding. The money you save on your reduced guest list can be channelled into upgrading your venue, your activity related experiences as well as your guest experience.

Food wine & culture

The culture and gastronomy in Spain is varied and addictive; as such a destination wedding in Spain is perfect for couples who love new experiences. From the range of Spanish wines and cuisine to Spanish music you´ll be hooked and in a place to create amazing memories of your wedding.

To sum up

A destination wedding in Spain offers affordability and a chance to have the wedding of your dreams.  The tropical weather almost all year round makes it an obvious contender for a destination wedding.  For romantics and those who love the outdoors and adventure, it´s another reason why it´s the perfect location, steeped in history, breath taking views and stunning architecture.

Are you thinking about a destination wedding in Spain in 2022/2023, I´d love to hear your story?

Get in touch today, so we can start planning your amazing day and create dreams that last a lifetime.

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