How to plan an engagement proposal

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Getting started with your engagement proposal

Couples often ask how to plan an engagement proposal and when is the best time. Valentine´s day is one of the most popular times when planning an engagement proposal.  However, Christmas Eve, New Year´s Eve and New Year´s day are close behind. That´s because family and friends are usually together for celebrations at these times.

Have a conversation about your future together

When making your proposal plans, before you pop the question, be sure to factor in a conversation about your future together if you haven´t already done so. This way you´ll know that you´re both on the same page about the idea. Agree when to get engaged and get married, as this gives and indication of how long your engagement might be. In addition it helps you to calculate how much you might need to invest.

Choose the type of engagement proposal

Location wise, when planning you´re engagement proposal pick a location that has sentimental meaning for you both.  It might be the restaurant where you first met or that simply has great food that you both love.  It really depends on your love of shared experiences and goals.  If proposing in another city or country fits in with your lust for travel then this could be the best option for you.  However, if it´s important to have family and friends present, a restaurant option might just be the perfect setting. Popping the question in this environment with family and friends could provide a more relaxed ambience too.

Reserve in advance

Ensure you book in advance to avoid having your amazing plans spoilt if your restaurant is fully booked.  This also goes for accommodation bookings too. Especially if you´re planning to stay in a hotel or other accommodation as part of your post engagement proposal celebrations.

Why it´s important to plan ahead

It´s important to plan your engagement proposal beforehand to ensure you have time to make that important choice of choosing the engagement ring.  However, if you´re more of a spontaneous person or you´d really prefer to pick the engagement ring together, you can opt for another type of ring that reflects your personalities. Don´t forger to explain that you want your partner to have the ring of their dreams and so plan to do this together.  You can schedule your appointment in now for choosing the dream ring, so that your partner knows your serious.

Final steps and delivery of your engagement proposal

With your engagement plans sorted, restaurant booked, friends and family invited, its time for you to pull it all together. If you´re going for the ring in advance, researched, selected and had the ring adjusted to size, it´s time to put the ring somewhere safe and prepare you´re delivery.

Engagement proposals are personal and don´t have to reflect anyone else´s but yours. As such, try to be yourself and find a way that you believe your partner will like and cherish the most.   

Marcia Bravo Celebrant UK and Spain

Now take a deep breath and go for it.  I´m keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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