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Marcia Bravo Celebrant

UK & Spain

Now for the legal bit

Celebrants are not able to legally marry people in the UK and in Spain. So it´s best to organise this with your local registry office to complete the legalities.

The process of legally marrying in Spain is complex, and can a be a long process. It´s less stressful to go to your local registry office to complete the legalities and then you can look forward to celebrating your wedding in Malaga in style and in the way you desire and in the location of your dreams.   Whether you´re planning an elopement wedding on your own or have a wedding planner helping you to organise your wedding, most couples decide to have their ceremony on a separate day to that of the legalities.

Of course, you don´t have to legalise your wedding if this is not in-line with your values or aspirations. Either way, I´m here to officiate the best part of your wedding ceremony, the part with the vows and rings and maybe a spiritual ritual like hand-fasting one of my favourite rituals.

Don´t hesitate to get in touch if you If you would like more information.  And whilst you´re here, take a look at my blog, which covers wedding ideas and advice to help you have a memorable wedding.

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