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Include elements in your ceremony that are precious to you to personalise your wedding

Personalising your wedding by including the touches that are significant to you adds to your unique experience.  Mentioning absent family in your ceremony I.e., parents, grandparents personalises your ceremony, as such enables them to participate too. In addition it´s a great way to make them part of one of the most important dates in your life. Furthermore, personalisation enables your celebrant to specifically design a blended family ceremony if that resonates with you, for instance. Although you have successfully passed the engagement proposal, it revisiting this and any promises you made then, can add an intensity to your ceremony.

Just the two of you or nearest and dearest

Invite the people closest and dearest to you. By having a micro wedding or an elopement with a few friends, you can ensure your celebration is more intimate.  If it´s the two of you there´s nothing more you need to do as; the stars of the show you are already present, and this is what makes elopements popular.

Music can really help to personalise your celebrant wedding ceremony

Are you having music at your ceremony, what type have you chosen and why, how does it resonate with you both?  Finding music that resonates with you both or how you share a connection can help deepen your connection and experience on your special day. So be sure to recapture your best music moments and include them in your wedding ceremony.

Including family and friends

There´s lots of ways of personalising your wedding by including family and friends in your ceremony. Some memorable options are choosing symbolic rituals like a hand-fasting or a ring warming for instance. Having someone read your favourite poem or one they have written adds value. Because as they read it in their own unique way, it creates further interest. An additional way to capture the love of your guests, before or after, is a finger printing abstract creation. You can do this as your guests arrive to serve as a reminder of who came.

Recreate emotions, sensations to personalise your wedding

If you´ve chosen to have an outdoor wedding, you can include things that are personal to you, is there a scent that you like, the smell of a wooded area or of spring or summer flowers, it´s possible to reproduce these smells within the environment you are in, with incense, natural oils, flowers and herbs.  When including floral arrangements or floral bouquets, think about flowers that you like and that are in season and be sure to include these in your selection. 

Follow the theme through to your reception

Follow the theme into your reception. By having your favourite flowers on tables your guests get to enjoy and learn about your favourites too.  If you have opted to continue your outdoor theme and eat outside. Re-purpose your floral bouquets to decorate your space; giving them a second opportunity.   

Planning your reception can be fun when including personalised elements on tables, because these give hints of your story. Maybe there are pictures from some of your favourite places, or where you got engaged or met or even cinema tickets from your first movie together. Use items that you have collected and shared over the years, these can be metaphors relating to your experiences rather than the actual items.  Because it gives you and guests a reminder of everything you have achieved together leading up to your special day.  Include your future aspirations too, as your wedding is that start of your new adventure together as a married couple.

Surround yourselves with elements of your love story and how you met.  Messages you sent to each other in different locations for you and guests to read, as they are waiting to hear your full love story.

Including vows is a great way to personalise your celebrant wedding

The beauty of celebrant weddings is that lots of personal aspects are included; different to a traditional church ceremony or registry office ceremony.

A starting point is to consider what you´d love to say to each. About what it means to have the other in your life.  You don´t need to be the number 1 best selling author to write heart felt words.  You already own the words. As such have likely said them in your mind a thousand times, now´s the time to write a few down.  It really can be just a few sentences.

To sum up

Personalising your wedding ceremony will create your future memories of your special day, so it´s only right to include all the things true and dear to you.  Keep checking in with yourselves throughout the planning, “asking does this represent us?”.  It´s a way of making the most of your celebration, in a fun, unique experience as you start your new married adventure together. If you want to keep your friends and family talking about your celebrant led ceremony for years to come personalising is guaranteed to tick all the boxes.  You´ll also have some amazing wedding moments captured in your wedding photos and or videos.  What´s holding you back…

Are you thinking about having a 2024 or 2025 celebrant led wedding in the UK or Spain, I´d love to hear your story?

Let me help you to take your dreams from paper to reality, creating memories that last a lifetime.

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