Symbolic Weddings in Spain

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Celebrant led wedding in Spain

Symbolic weddings in Spain

Symbolic weddings in Spain or eloping in Spain is by far the most popular because of the amazing ceremony locations available and the climate. The abundance of predominantly sunny days offers much more scope when choosing your date for your Andalusian wedding.

Getting away from the place you live can really stimulate the senses at times. In the case of symbolic wedding in Spain it´s cost effective too, because it usually means less guests. If you have a busy schedule, you can choose from a short or medium stay. Equally if your planning a honeymoon combining together with your wedding in Spain has some clear advantages in terms of cost savings.  More for you to spend. 

A symbolic wedding in Spain is perfect if you desire an elopement , multicultural wedding or micro wedding; with nearest and dearest. The costs can be substantially reduced in comparison to traditional weddings in venues where a registrar is licensed to officiate.  This can be costly not to mention the limitations I.e., timing, date of wedding and huge waiting lists and making it personalised.

Couples are looking to celebrate their wedding in ways that will have meaningful and enduring memories for years to come.  Often preferring to include members of their family or friends in their ceremonies and a symbolic wedding lends itself to this, as there are no rules. Additionally, incorporating symbolic rituals that resonate with you, make your ceremony more personal. Many couples want to enjoy a ceremony with the people they love and are the closest to them.  So, in addition to having the flexibility to who, where and when to have their celebrant led symbolic wedding throwing out the rules books is appealing. Symbolic weddings indoors are not the only options many are seeking, as such a summer wedding in Spain outdoors is perfect.

Symbolic weddings are not real

I bet you´ve heard this said many times; I know I have. There´s lots of confusion about symbolic weddings and the legal side.  However these are two very different things.  Legalising a wedding requires couples to submit specific documents and satisfy specific criteria as part of the process. Couples then attend a legal service within a registry office or church. But this is where it stops.  The symbolic ceremony or celebrant led ceremony is the part that actually celebrates the marriage. It´s the special part with the heart felt vows, commitments and exchange of rings. That´s why as celebrants we see it as the important part of the wedding celebration. It´s where couples get to say what they mean to each other and not simply say I do, as is the case in legalising a wedding.  And what better place to celebrate your symbolic wedding than in Spain.

In a symbolic wedding ceremony the wedding celebrant helps couples to get the best out of their wedding, incorporating passions, aspirations that are pertinent to the couple. As a result this ensures that ceremonies always have significant meaning to the couple; exactly as it should be. The beauty of this type of wedding is that there´s no limit or rules about the content included.  The celebrant uses their skill to weave the most important aspects of the couples history, members of their family; pets included.

A chance to mix things up a little

With the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, couples are clearer more than ever about the importance of personalisation. In addition about making the most of the start of their new adventure together and what it symbolises for them. Couples want to have the option to be able to include activities within their ceremonies and reception if having one. Ones that include symbolic rituals or games, combined; give the bridal party and their guests the most enjoyment and meaning.

Couples looking for a symbolic wedding are usually looking for something a little bit different from the rest.  They want everyone to remember their wedding and what made it so special and personalised. Also couples are able to say the vows and commitments that they wish to make to each other and are not simply repeating standard words that are said to so many couples.  This has to mean something right. 


Because symbolic ceremonies in Spain are so versatile this makes them popular. They also come with an expectation that each differs from the next couples.  Couples want to have that individual experience that celebrants can bring, knowing that celebrants are just focusing on them.  The words of the officiant are the words of the couple´s story not anyone else´s. But it´s more than that; symbolic weddings are now seen as interactive. This rings true whether it´s an elopement or a micro wedding. In a new digital age couples´s want their ceremonies to be reciprocal for those attending. Days of the boring wedding, where guests can be found sleeping are history; instead symbolic ceremonies keep it upbeat.

To sum it up

Symbolic ceremonies in Spain have become the all singing and dancing wedding celebrations that couples want and deserve. As a result couples have the choice of how and where they share their commitments and with whom; which is fundamental.

Symbolic weddings ensure personalisation. As such they have the most significance to couples, of utter importance. The result; there are no rules and no talk about how it should be done; either this way or that way.

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