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Finding a Wedding Celebrant

Congratulations on your engagement. I know there are so many important decisions for you to make when trying to find a Malaga wedding celebrant. Be it for your wedding celebration, elopement or vow renewal in Malaga. I can imagine that it probably feels like really hard work. Well, I´m here to tell you that it doesn´t have to be. Lets explore the following steps to get you off to a great start finding a wedding celebrant in Malaga.

First steps

Like couples; wedding celebrants come in all shapes and sizes, so there´s no one size fits all. Each are unique with different personalities, life experience and training, which makes us the best at what we do. Because of the uniqueness of each celebrant, no two weddings will ever be the same for instance. We have lots of wedding ceremony ideas. From summer weddings to outdoor wedding ideas on a budget, we can help you have a memorable ceremony. As such making this a clear benefit for you as a couple searching for a unique ceremony tailored to you.

To answer the question how can you find a wedding celebrant in Málaga for your celebration day; I guess it comes down to thinking about your own personal attributes both individually and as a couple; and how these are reflected in the celebrants you are researching. Pinning down your search area will also help you to narrow down your selection but this doesn´t mean that your´re settling for less, quite the opposite.

Have a good root around

It means that you can really start to research each celebrant in much more detail and really get a flavour for who they are and their values without feeling overwhelmed. It gives you a realistic opportunity to find out what they love about Malaga weddings, where they hang out etc. Furthermore you have time to get an insight into how they think, personality, activities they like. Remember going behind the scenes is interesting and helpful in respect of you visualising how you will work with them. Once you have a discovery with them you´ll be in a better position to make a decision because you´ve already done the research. You´re meeting is to confirm the connection as well as get some ideas about how they can help you.

  • Is the Malaga celebrant someone who fits in with your personal values and life ethics, caring, motivating and person-centred?
  • Do you feel an empathy or a connection with them and that they are someone who gets you?
  • Are they as passionate as you about your wedding?
  • Are they creative, warm and approachable?
  • Can you envisage them narrating your story, weaving your journey to marriage into colourful metaphors how you imagine?

Feeling bogged down with searching for the perfect celebrant? Yes?

Then there´s something I´d like you to do.

Stop… now take a deep breath and take the following steps.

Tips to create your Malaga wedding celebrants shortlist

  • Write down 3 of the most important values or traits that you want your celebrant to have. If you´d like to capture your ideas first; try jotting your ideas down on a large piece of paper or record your ideas verbally on your mobile first.
  • Narrow down your search area to where you live or where you would like to have your wedding.
  • Make a shortlist of 5 wedding celebrants who appear to match your criteria of search area, values and type of wedding service you would love to have.
  • Now look at each one more closely and record the things you like the most about each one until you can narrow it down even further to 3 celebrants
  • The final step is to reach out and get in touch
To sum up

Finding a wedding celebrant is one of the most important parts of your wedding plan. Furthermore searching for a officiant in another country, in this instance Malaga can feel even more daunting. That´s natural, the good news is with the help of Google, you can easily search and research your wedding celebrant in Malaga. It´s easier than ever to find where they hang out on social media, their website and hear other couple´s experiences. Follow these steps to help you to focus on the key objective of finding a celebrant, without the added clutter of lots of surplus information.

Happy searching, I´m crossing my fingers for you.

Now before you go, one last thing…

Are you ready to take your dreams from paper to reality in Malaga in 2024 or 2025, I´d love to hear your story?

DM me today, so we can start planning your special day.

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Hope to see you soon.

M xxx

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