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Wedding in Malaga.  Ariel view of Malaga city town hall and nearby buildings with glimpse of Malaga port in the background

Wedding in Malaga with amazing views

Why have a wedding in Malaga

The benefits of having a wedding in Malaga are first and foremost the amazing weather that Malaga has.  Because Malaga is surrounded by the sea and the mountains it is protected from extreme environments. Malaga enjoys an average of 320 days of sun each year. As such there´s lots of margin to have a destination wedding in Malaga throughout the year, even in December. Thus making Malaga the perfect location for having a wedding.

Being part of Andalusia, Malaga offers heaps of whimsical and beautiful fincas, cortijos, especially if you want to have a Spanish style wedding. In addition, there are several beautiful beaches and castles where you can celebrate your wedding in Malaga. This makes Malaga a sure bet when planning your elopement, micro wedding or larger than life wedding. Rest assured there´s definitely a perfect spot for you for your destination wedding in Spain.

How easy is it to get to Malaga

Malaga Costa del Sol airport is the fourth largest Spanish airport in respect of the volume of passengers, including many direct flights. known also as Pablo Picasso Airport after famous artist Picasso born in Malaga; holiday makers regularly fly from around the globe. As a result this makes Malaga particularly attractive for couples seeking to have a destination wedding or vow renewal

Malaga airport is located in the district of Churriana; 7km southwest of Malaga city center, easily accesible from a range of destinations. This is particularly advantageous if you´re looking for a destination wedding in the city centre or or within reach of the airport for simplicity. 

A key advantage of the airport´s location is that the city centre can be reached by car or taxi in approximately 20 minutes. In addition the airport benefits from a shuttle service and local buses that go from the airport directly to the centre in around 15-45 minutes. Alternatively a train service from Terminal 4 connects to the centre and other major resorts in under 15 minutes.

Malaga city and historical centre – what else is there to do

Malaga city and old town are full of architectural jewels like the Alcazaba Arabic Castle, Gibralfaro Castle and Teatro Romano. The city and it´s surroundings benefit from many parks, botanical gardens and landscaped areas and fountains. Malaga has a wealth of different museums to choose from I.e. Picasso foundation and museum, Malaga museum and wine museums. In addition you´re sure to find a restaurant on almost every corner of the vibrant city centre, such as Kaleido Malaga Port for instance. If you like adventure why not include activities as part of your alternative ceremony.  Malaga city has lots to offer, the Gibralfaro Mirador is great if you love exploring or walking for instance.

Wedding Malaga couple on the beach on their wedding day with decorated arch type structure with flowers and material in an embrace posing for wedding photo

Wedding Malaga on the beach

Guest list made easier by having a wedding in Malaga

One of the 5 common concerns couples face when planning their wedding ceremony is by far who to invite and the cost. With your destination wedding in Malaga you get the best of both worlds. You increase the possibilities to acquire a whimsical or unique venue of your dreams. The money you save from a reduced guest list enables you to have a more lavish menu too.

If you´ve chosen an elopement wedding in Malaga for two; you can allocate savings to areas that have the most meaning to you.  Furthermore you´ll have the sun and beautiful views in the background as you say your I do´s and that´s priceless.  Equally a micro wedding with immediate family also gives you more flexibility on where to have your wedding and intimacy. You can have a celebration when you get back for those who were not able to attend your wedding.  Send wedding gifts with a momentum of your special day so others can share something from your wedding day.

Legally marrying in Spain

The process of getting married in Spain can be complex; for this reason, many couples opt to complete the legal part of their marriage in their home country. Travelling to have their celebrant celebration in their destinations´ venue in Malaga.  Equally many couples choose to have their legal service and their wedding celebration on separate days logistically.


There are numerous options for accommodation; whether you´re having your wedding in the city or in a rural setting.  Many rustic settings like ranches and mansion houses, known as Cortijo´s and Fincas; offer their venue with accommodation.  This enables you and any guests to spend quality time together and maximise your experience. However, if you prefer to be central with the intimacy of a boutique hotel; you can travel the short distance to the venue.

Wedding in Malaga image of wedding couple having first wedding kiss as part of their wedding ceremony

Wedding in Malaga perfect for saying your I do´s

Places to have your wedding photos

Because Malaga city is a jewel, you won´t have to worry about finding places to have your wedding photo´s taken. For instance there´s the nearby port and Muelle Uno or other beautiful locations to provide those lifetime memories. From the city centre the Malagueta beach is a short walk; as are the steps of the cathedral. Las Palmeras Málaga city centre overlooks the port and Muelle with amazing views of the Alcazaba and mirador in the background. It´s possible to have wedding pictures taken at the ancient Alcazaba, although it´s not possible to have your wedding there.

If you´re are having a celebrant led ceremony from a hotel, there are many with beautiful terraces; such as hotel Alcazaba premium-Batik ; where you can have you wedding photos with the Alcazaba, and its beautiful panoramic views as a backdrop.

To sum up

The benefits of having a wedding in Malaga are:-

  • 320 days sun per year with blue skies
  • Malaga has amazing rustic and city locations for an amazing wedding
  • Fly from the majority of destinations to Malaga with ease
  • Easy access to the city and surrounding rural areas of the airport
  • Architectural Jewels and things to do as part of your celebrant wedding ceremony or after
  • Lots of accommodation options
  • Easy access to other parts of Andalusia

Are you looking for a wedding celebrant in Malaga in 2024 or 2025, I´d love to hear your story?

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