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Using Wedding Suppliers to create your magical wedding

Congratulations on your engagement. I know it can be both exciting and daunting in respect of knowing where to start with wedding suppliers to create your magical wedding. Especially locating great wedding suppliers to help you create your magical wedding experience, if your wedding will take place abroad. With the right planning and support from your wedding vendors, you focus on the essential and important aspects, leaving you time to enjoy the experience of being engaged.

Lets Get started

Before starting to source wedding suppliers, take some time to adjust to your new status and enjoy your moments together. If you haven´t already had the important conversations about expectations and shared goals, it´s probably a good time. With the essential conversations out of the way, you get your wedding celebration preparations off to a good start.

Start talking about your budget and your ideal destination where you´d love to celebrate your wedding. Of particular importance is deciding to have your ceremony in your home country or elsewhere. Couples often find it less stressful to do the marriage formalities first in their home country, celebrating in style in the sun for instance.

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Locating Wedding Suppliers

There´s an abundance of wedding suppliers on your side who can´t wait to help you have the most meaningful experience. It´s our role to assist you in preparing your wedding, so you enjoy your special day, from your first moments.

Wedding planners, celebrants, photographers can be found in reputable wedding supplier directories that include ideas for inspiration and getting motivated. If you´ve chosen to use a Wedding Planner, they will guide you through the process. Additionally introducing you to other suppliers, taking the effort away. Furthermore they´ll help you to find your wedding style and remain within your budget. However, if you prefer to organise your celebration, don´t worry there´s lots of suppliers to support you through the process. However, One of the things couples forget when planning their wedding is that suppliers usually ask for a deposit to confirm your date. So, you´ll want to be sure to factor this into your initial plans when drafting your budget. Make the most of having a celebrant, once their onboard they can also help guide you for instance.

As well as using wedding directories, Google maps is a good starting point to locate wedding suppliers including celebrants. Celebrants can design write and officiate your wedding in a way that has the most meaning to you. This applies wherever you want to have your wedding celebration in Spain or another location.

Organise your wedding plans and thoughts

Once you´ve had some time to think, plan separate wedding celebration date nights at home or away. Use them to focus on the things that inspire you both and communicate this to your wedding suppliers. Allocating specific time for your planning will ensure your time together is not spent totally organising your wedding, reducing feelings of overwhelm.

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Southern Spain as a wedding location

There´s nothing like being in Southern Spain. From the first few months of spring, because the weather is moderate being surrounded by the sea and mountains. Southern Spain has on average 320 days of sun, as such you have lots of flexibility when choosing your preferred date. It´s good to remember that if you don´t have a specific preference for a summer wedding, you may benefit from cost savings. This is because out of season weddings might offer access to venues at reduced costs. The result is that savings from venue wedding suppliers, leaves you with extra funds to invest in other areas of your wedding.

In addition, imagine the calming sounds of the sea in the background as you say your I do´s to your life partner. The sun usually puts most of us in a good mood, so everything that follows, should only get better. Southern Spain lends itself to an eco wedding environment surrounded by nature, wild and cultivated, palms, tropical plants, including Mediterranean herbs. Sustainability is easier to achieve with less wastage afterwards, using what´s naturally present in nature to decorate your location.

To sum up

In conclusion, planning a wedding can be quite a challenge. With the right suppliers, however, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. From caterers to photographers, celebrants and venues, there are many different types of wedding suppliers that can help make your special day even more memorable. With the right supplier, your wedding can be everything you dreamed it would be and more!

Are you planning a celebrant wedding in Southern Spain or the UK in 2024 or 2025, I´d love to hear your story?

Let me help you take your dreams from paper to reality, creating memories that last a lifetime.

DM me today, so we can start planning your special day.

Hope to see you soon.

M xxx

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