Wedding Trends 2022 | A Break from Tradition

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Couples breaking wedding traditions has been trending in recent years, however the Covid 19 pandemic, has encouraged more to break wedding trends in 2022. This is because the priority for couples has become the personalisation of their ceremony and value for money. This can take many forms from eloping without friends and family or quite the opposite; having those nearest and dearest close by. A celebrant led ceremony helps couples to cover all bases with personalisation, adding fun and creating lasting lifetime memories.

In respect of breaking wedding trends in 2022 couples are paying more attention to the environment and sustainability reducing their footprint.  As a consequence we are seeing more types of Eco friendly weddings. There is a real shift in the approach from everything from wedding attire, food, flowers, accommodation and wedding favours by way of tree planting and other charitable donations.

Sustainability & Consciousness

Dried flowers have returned to the forefront of floral design as sustainable rivals breaking wedding trends in 2022. They are super versatile, come in a wide range of colours and types that can easily be re-purposed and transported.  This makes good sense if you are having a destination wedding, as it´s possible to return with your dried flowers an utilise them in the home.  Another idea is also to donate your wedding surpluses to charities after you have enjoyed your special day. It´s a great way to keep on giving and make someone else´s day too. Of course there´s lots of other ways to include sustainability at your wedding but these are a few to get you started.

With the increase of couples who want a non traditional wedding outfit it´s possible to find your ideal wedding outfit in charitable/vintage stores without breaking the bank.  If you don´t find what your looking for you can hire from a specialist wedding company.

Modern Receptions

The wedding reception menu and design concepts continue to develop and amaze to reflect the couple´s favourite cuisine, maybe reminders from when they first met.  Pizza, burgers and heart-warming fun foods are popular alternatives for instance.  In addition, the rise of the surprise food trucks or alternative cocktail or non-alcohol bars; are creating more inclusivity whilst bringing an extra twist and breaking with traditional wedding trends in 2022 for many wedding celebrations.

To sum up

The Covid 19 pandemic has been a catalyst in how many couples now prioritise what´s important to them.  And prioritising their wedding celebration and making it highly personal is an extension of this.  Sustainability is becoming a standard consideration in wedding celebrations, as couples seek to reduce their footprint not only in their usual day to day lives but for their weddings too.  Surely this can only be a good thing.  Whatever you decide for your wedding, be sure to make it personal to you.  That way you´ll be guaranteed to have the best memories that last a lifetime.

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