What happens during a celebrant led ceremony

Photo of a couple at their wedding ceremony with their wedding officiant Marcia Bravo Celebrant UK and Spain.  Marcia stands in the middle of the couple, all are smiling.  Bride wears cream dress with bouquet with cream and pastel roses and green foliage.  Groom wear a striped pastel shirt with pink, green, blue and white stripes.

Are you wondering what happens during a celebrant led ceremony.  If the Answer is yes then look no further as I explain some of the possible features of a celebrant led wedding. Celebrant led ceremonies are personal and tailored to you as a individual couple, as such they vary from one to another. What happens at a celebrant led wedding in respect of the order and elements will vary from couple to couple, however, in general they may follow a similar flow.

Greeting guests at a celebrant led ceremony

As celebrants we can welcome friends and family to your wedding space, helping them to feel welcome and settled.  You can arrange for your guests to arrive earlier and have a welcome drink before the ceremony.  It´s a chance for them to mingle with each other and get to know other guests beforehand.  Once your guests have their drinks, we can help get everyone into their seats ready for the start of the show, your celebrant led ceremony. We use the time before your arrival to get guests warmed up and to share any house rules about photography, phones before.  This way everyone is ready and focused for your entrance. This is one of the clear benefits of having a celebrant led wedding in Malaga, other Spanish location or the UK.

Introduction to the wedding party

Now the grand moment has arrived it´s time to introduce your wedding party if you have one and your grand entrance. Whether you enter together dancing down the aisle, individually or with one partner arriving accompanied.  Select an option for your celebrant led ceremony that speaks to you and resonates with your personalities.  This can be a traditional or non-traditional ceremony entrance, the choice is yours. Co-ordinate your entrance with your favourite songs, that you share together or individually.  Hire a DJ to play your songs as part of your wedding playlist.  Alternatively having a violinist, guitarist, bagpipes or drumming, is a great way to make your entrance or exit.

Welcoming the couple to their celebrant led ceremony space

As your celebrant we have been getting to know you for a time before your symbolic wedding ceremony and we are excited to welcome you as you arrive to the front of your wedding space to make your commitments. 

I personally like to ground my couples and give them a few minutes to get settled, say hello to each other and prepare for what´s ahead and be in their mental space to enjoy their moment.

Marcia Bravo Celebrant

Opening of the ceremony

The celebrant will open the ceremony and welcome everyone and thank them for participating to make the couples day special. 

Invitations to designated guests to share readings or songs

Designated friends or family will be invited by the celebrant to share a selected reading on behalf of the couple.  This could also be a song if there are musicians and singers within the group.  Alternatively you may have hired someone to sing and that´s the beauty of a celebrant led ceremony. If you´ve opted for symbolic wedding in Spain, including Spanish traditions it´s a great way to create a memorable wedding.

Narration of the journey from first meeting to marriage

During a bespoke symbolic wedding what often happens next is the introduction to the couple´s story. The celebrant narrates the journey of the couple to marriage reminding them of the stages and their significant moments shared.  It´s an account of their story for guests who may not know the full story.  Equally, the celebrant´s role is to use their vault of wedding ceremony ideas make the ceremony dynamic, heartfelt, sometimes humorous and unforgettable. Above all to keeps guests focused and talking about the ceremony for sometime afterwards. Additional readings or songs that encourage participation from guests may also take place next.

Symbolic rituals often happen at celebrant weddings

Many couples choose a symbolic ritual to compliment their ceremony. As a matter of fact choosing from a hand-tying, sand blending, shots ritual or jumping the broom.  There are many other rituals that can be completed i.e., a planting ritual if you are fans of nature.

Sharing of personal vows

The couple share their personal vows, if they have chosen to do so as part of the ceremony.  Remember this is very personal. And you can decide whether it´s right for you within your celebrant led ceremony or beforehand.  However you present them is your choice, from hand written notes, printed cards, on your phone or off by heart.  The majority of couples opt to read them ensuring that they remember the most special things they want to say. Furthermore it´s a very emotional part of the ceremony, where nerves and excitement may takeover.

photo of couple at their elopement wedding in Spain officiated by Marcia Bravo Celebrant UK and Spain.  Couple seen sharing their vows, as they hold their personal written vows with each other, smiling.
Photo Marta Flower Photography

The celebrant will invite the couple to exchange rings once vows have been shared. This is the moment the designated ring bearer, will be called to present the rings.  Who and how the rings are presented can add a touch of fun and drama to your ceremony.  If you have a canine friend, they can present your rings with some support.  Or it could be a young guest who presents them. If your car fanatics, why not have your rings arrive in a small remote controlled car. Can you see where I´m going with this? The choices are endless.

Exchange of rings

The celebrant will ask the couple to make their commitments and support the couple to exchange their rings. The celebrant will then announce the couple in the way that resonates with the couple.  In celebrant led ceremonies, celebrants announce as opposed to pronounce a couple. Now it´s time for you to seal the deal with a kiss or other form of promise. The celebrant will ask for a round of applause, but this usually comes naturally from guests, who are excited and have been waiting for this moment.

Signing of commemorative certificate

After the ring exchange, the couple may wish to sign a commemorative certificate of their ceremony. You can invite a few witnesses too, if you would like. At this point it´s nice to have some music playing for guests, whilst this takes place.

Closing of celebrant led ceremony

To close the ceremony the celebrant will usually say some closing words for the couple and guests before announcing the couple and asking everyone to stand to celebrate as the couple dance, walk, sing together up the aisle. Confetti or other alternatives can be incorporated here or later.

Photo of bride and groom making their exit up the aisle after their ceremony.  Both hold one hand together in the air, bride has other hand held high with white floral bouquet.  bride wears white flowing dress with trail and groom dark suit with pastel shirt and dark tie.  Both are smiling.

Exit line

If you´ve hired a musician or artist to support your exit, this is where they will play or sing your chosen song.  They can also entertain guests before and during the reception, which is a nice surprise for your guests.

Your photographer or videographer will be busy capturing your special moments before, during and after the ceremony. However, it´s often at this point that the couple as well as family and friends will have official group photos taken.

Guests will usually be invited to relax and share further drinks or canapes prior to the next stage of the wedding, whether that be lunch, tapas or reception dinner and afterparty.

Celebrants often take the opportunity at the end of a celebrant led ceremony to sneak in a quick selfie with the couple before saying their goodbyes to them and guests.  Leaving everyone to enjoy the rest of the day together.

To sum up

As you can see, what happens at a celebrant led ceremony can be exciting and is truly personal to you.  Your celebrant is with you from the start of your journey, supporting and guiding you to have the ceremony of your dreams.  The more personal you make your ceremony the more you will enjoy and remember it.

Are you thinking of having a celebrant led ceremony in Spain, Lisbon or the UK in 2024 or 2025, I´d love to hear your story?

Let me help you take your dreams from paper to reality creating wedding memories that last a lifetime.

DM me today so we can start planning your special day.

Hope to see you soon.

M xxx

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