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Sensory friendly wedding venues and environments are an essential part of a sensory friendly ceremony
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Sensory Friendly Wedding

Sensory friendly weddings ensure that you and your guests have the best experience tailored especially to your needs. As needs of individuals are variable this blog is intended to cover elements that can be applied generally. Celebrant led ceremonies are perfect because they are designed with your individuality in mind acting as the foundation. As a wedding celebrant I help you achieve your dreams incorporating your specific needs so it´s just right for you.

Sensory friendly weddings can be enhanced by using the natural sensory floral arrangements in the surrounding environment.

Natural floral arrangement

Use your natural environment in an outdoor wedding

Plants and nature have an underestimated power to provide a calming environment, excellent in sensory ceremonies. As such using natural elements in a sensory friendly wedding is ideal. Use plants local to you including herbs, that release scents such as lavender, thyme´s I.e. lemon thyme. In addition Salvias and flowers from the Allium family create interesting scents whilst being extremely tactile. Herbs are also great in floral bouquets providing a constant perfume throughout the ceremony.

Sensory friendly weddings are perfect for including elements from the natural environment which promote calmness

Natural calming elements

There´s something very special about having an outdoor wedding in the months when flowers are starting to bloom. Plants and flowers are in constant change, so be sure to make the most of the local flora, foliage and herbs.

Opting for your sensory wedding in Malaga in the spring and summer months offers you a natural gift.  You can harness the beautiful bird song, which you can blend with the tranquil sounds of flowing water and your own musical selection.  In addition areas such as the Muelle, Alcazaba and other beautiful historical sites are excellent for your amazing wedding photos.

Sensory Friendly Ideas

Include breakout spaces within your ceremony

Include quiet spaces throughout the wedding or reception for yourself or anyone who would benefit from having a calm and quiet space to provide respite during the wedding celebrations. As a wedding celebrant I can tailor your ceremony to help you include this. Don´t be afraid to ask, it´s your ceremony.

Vows and symbolic rituals

Vows and rituals are a great way of introducing sensory elements in your sensory friendly wedding. And because it´s your ceremony it´s possible to divide the ceremony into bite size segments so it feels less intense. For other sensory needs using natural papers creates a further tactile reference. Utilise pre-recorded audio vows or visual images including Braille; with today´s technology it´s easy to find a format that suits you best.

Symbolic wedding rituals like a stone or ring warming help create a deepened connection between you and guests. As they are both tangible rituals they provide an interactive dialogue where guests can really feel involved. If you´re having an outdoor wedding a planting ritual is ideal too as it can feel very therapeutic.

Reception ideas

Include things that you can see,touch smell and hear on tables in your sensory friendly wedding reception. Ensuring that these elements have significant meaning to you makes it more personal; i.e., favourite flowers, scents etc.  Succulents provide tactile elements as they come in so many variations with and without flowers.  Tactile vegetables can be used for decoration too with flowers. Use natural candles with fresh scents such as mint, tomato or basil or similar fresh herbs in their original pots with natural ribbons if you have a specific theme or wrap with large leaves.

To sum up

Celebrant led ceremonies are flexible and give you the opportunity to have the type of ceremony that suits you best.  It´s totally possible to have a sensory friendly wedding; just let your celebrant know what your needs are.  From including break out areas or dividing up your ceremony; and using visible and tactile elements; as an independent celebrant I am able to officiate your wedding where and when you desire and how you desire.

Are you looking for a sensory friendly wedding in 2024 or 2025? I love to hear your story.

I can help you take your dreams from paper to reality, creating dreams that last a lifetime.

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