Outdoor Wedding Ideas On A Budget

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Outdoor weddings ideas on a budget are attractive and attainable for a celebrant led ceremony. Especially with the arrival of spring and the summer months ahead.  If you´re on modest budget don´t worry because there´s lots of options available without compromising. In case you´re thinking well, we´re on a budget so how can we have a wedding in Malaga? Here are a few of my favourite Malaga outdoor wedding ceremony ideas on a budget. Malaga airport receives regular flights from around the globe. As such it´s possible to fly to Malaga without breaking the bank. In addition choosing a lay over provides you with alternative options because the costs are reduced and you can enjoy another destination on route.

However one of the things couples often forget when planning their ceremony is to set a realistic budget with contingency. Setting a budget with a contingency, will help to reduce major changes and surprises in your plans for your low cost outdoor wedding.

Beach wedding ideas

The backdrop of Malaga´s beaches is perfect when looking for outdoor wedding ideas on a budget.

Perfect for an outdoor wedding on a budget

What´s great about Malaga is the range of beaches; perfect for when you´re looking for outdoor low cost ceremony ideas.  Some beach spots are particularly suited to elopements with just the two of you.  Many venues have their own private beach access if you´re opting for a small wedding with reception.  You can also have the best of both worlds with an outdoor wedding on the beach for your ceremony.  The natural environment means you need do little in respect of decorations. As such making the most of beautiful panoramic views of the sea and luscious flawless greenery. 

Use Eco references for your outdoor wedding ideas on a budget

Eco friendly ceremonies are excellent when looking for outdoor wedding ideas on a budget because Malaga is full of natural decorative elements. This is particularly an advantage and refreshing to hear for couples looking for low cost alternatives for decoration. And it´s not surprising that balancing the dream and budget constraints are one of 5 common concerns that couples face when planning their wedding ceremony. Use trees or flowers and plants to influence and set your wedding scene.  Herbs and potted plants make great floral arrangements if you´re looking for something a bit different. Include them in wedding bouquets and herbs and succulents for button holes arrangements.  With an Eco wedding you have a environment conducive for saying your wedding vows.  In addition, a backdrop for those amazing choreographed wedding photos that you´ll have as a reminder of one of the most special days in your life´s journey.

Park wedding ideas on a budget

There´s lots of local parks in Malaga for outdoor wedding ideas on a budget.

Outdoor wedding ideas on a budget

Parks and gardens are ideal for an outdoor wedding on a budget and Malaga has many to choose from.  Picture exchanging your vows amongst the natural beauty of statues and sculptures; juxtaposed against exotic plants and flowers.

Malaga has some amazing parks perfect for outdoor wedding ideas on a budget.

Use the natural space around you

To sum up

There are many options for an outdoor wedding on a budget without compromising on things that are important to you. You can make savings on your wedding location and reinvest on other areas like your accommodation and reception ideas for instance. As an independent celebrant I am able to adapt to your needs and am not restricted in where I can officiate your wedding. The important thing is to ensure that your ceremony includes elements with the most significance to you and that you enjoy your special day. Maybe you´re engagement proposal was a Valentines proposal, which extra sentiment for you both and you want to remember this in your ceremony. That´s one of the benefits of having a celebrant onboard with you and working closely with them to make the most out of hiring a celebrant.

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