Beach Elopement in Malaga

Marcia Bravo Celebrant UK and Spain posing for a photo with couple Angela and Tiffany at their beach elopement sand ceremony in Malaga.  Both brides wear white flowing dresses and white baseball boots with yellow sunflowers the couples favourite flowers.  Both hold a sunflower bouquet made up of blue, white and yellow flowers.  Marcia wears a yellow floral dress with bright blue cardigan and orange scarf.  sea visible in the background.
Photo by Michal Carbol Photography

A beach elopement in Malaga was what Angela and Tiffany chose to celebrate their love. They live in Florida and initially planned a holiday visiting friends in the autumn months. But what followed was their engagement and their subsequent dream to incorporate a symbolic beach elopement whilst there. So, when they contacted me “they said they had a beautiful love story they’d love to share”. There was a hint about meeting in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, which already had my investigatory indicator climbing. In addition, being one for a love story, I was not only intrigued but also impatient to meet them to find out more. It was definitely worth the wait.

“We have a beautiful love story we´d love to share with you”

Angela and Tiffany

Aspirations for their beach elopement in Malaga

We talked about their aspirations for their day and the essential things that would really bring their elopement ceremony to life. What makes elopements popular, is the nature of a celebrant led ceremony, being able to officiate the ceremony in the location of the couple´s choosing at a time that suits them. They were keen to have a beach elopement on a significant date in November, that corresponded with their first encounter. In addition they were looking for ways to make their wedding even more special with blended family ceremony ideas. As such it was important for me to help them achieve this.

Weather conditions for an autumn elopement in Malaga

Southern Spain has on average 320 days of sun, therefore in the winter months the weather is considered mild. So planning a November elopement in Spain was still on the cards. During our discovery meeting I was excited to receive the go ahead. With approximately 8 weeks to the ceremony date, I was keen to get started. These first steps together with Angela and Tiffany enabled me to quickly commence writing their beach elopement ceremony. We worked together to chart the timeline of their beautiful love story. I helped them re-connect with their individual journeys before their paths crossed, to finding their way to each other.

A ceremony to represent their family reunion

Angela and Tiffany wanted a ceremony that represented their union, life and commitment to each other. They wanted something that was truly unique to them.  A celebrant led ceremony offered them just that. A chance to decide where they wanted to say their vows and how, without limitations to wording or timings.  Having an independent celebrant offers couples the chance to build a close relationship with the person who will officiate their ceremony. Because celebrants meet their couples before the ceremony it promotes confidence in the process.

Tiffany and Angela wanted an intimate ceremony surrounded by a few friends and family, a bit like a micro wedding. Aware of their own story, it was important to interpret it in a new dimension significant to them and their friends. I took inspiration to write their beach elopement ceremony from their story, using metaphors to reflect their personal journeys. This was their opportunity to celebrate how far they had come and reflect on how many factors fell into place in the creation of their union.

“They were where they needed to be at the the right time and the right moment”.

Marcia Bravo Celebrant UK and Spain
Video Michal Carbol Photography and Videography

Couple´s choice of location

Malaga was the couple´s preferred choice and the sea played a significant part in their love story. They were keen to celebrate their love and commitments beside the sea or with the sea visible. As such it was ideal to have a ceremony that incorporated this aspect. The couple´s chosen photographer and videographer was Michal Carbol of Michal Carbol Photography. Working before with Michal, I was excited to work with a great photographer to help take their dreams from paper to reality.

Michal listened to the couple´s requirements for their dream elopement and suggested the location from his knowledge and extensive bank of perfect elopement destinations. Michal worked with the couple to plan the finer details including the decor for their elopement. The beach location was a perfect choice for Angela and Tiffany, grounded by the sand beneath their feet and with the sound of the sea waves in the distance as they said their “I do´s “. It was the exact location to capture memories, that would last a lifetime as the sunset.

Beach elopement sand blending ceremony

Angela and Tiffany chose a beach elopement sand blending ceremony, which is a great way to celebrate the joining of two families. The sand ceremony represents Angela and Tiffany´s individual lives beforehand being left in that moment, as they move forward together as one new blended and complete family.

Photo Michal Carbol Photography

The couple love sunflowers, apt for an autumn beach elopement and sent me photos of their bouquets. As their celebrant it was important for me to carefully source the colours of sand representative of their bouquets. I planned how the sand ceremony ritual would flow, and the make up of the layers. In addition including wording that specifically introduced and charted their journey. The accompanying words talked of their travel to each other and joining together as one family on their special day.

Angela, Tiffany, daughter and designated friend, alternated pouring layers of their individual colours of sand into a larger vessel. The combined container representing the joined family with contrasting layers of white, blue and yellow tones of their bouquet. It´s also an expression of having an unbreakable relationship as the sand is unable to be separated once poured.

The couple flew from Florida and so it was important to tailor the vessel to ensure it could be transported safely. In addition I researched regulations for carrying items to different countries to help avoid any disappointment at the airport.

Why have a sand ritual

What makes the sand ritual great fun, is the interactive quality and its colourful essence. The idea of those involved creating something beautiful together. In addition, a virtual reminder of the commitments that they made to each other on their special day.

Sand rituals are varied, with participants sometimes pouring the sand into a larger vessel at the same time. From an audience perspective it´s captivating to watch the development of the layers as they build up. Being able to do this on the beach was equally perfect too!  The coloured bottles of sand complimented the decorative setting, which included giant sunflowers.

Incorporating family in vows

The couple choose to write their own vows, pure and from the heart.  As a blended family with a young daughter and older son, the vows incorporated promises to them. For the younger member present, this was the perfect way to include them in the ceremony making them feel equally important in the new family dynamics. 

Photo Michal Carbol Photography
To sum up

Angela and Tiffany´s beach elopement in Malaga reflected their journey from first contact to them making their commitments to each other surrounded by loved ones. It incorporated their dream location in Malaga. In addition, their hope of being on a beach with the sound of the sea waves in the background in the warm Malaga sun. They were clear about having an intimate ceremony and that´s exactly what happened.  With a Celebrant and a Photographer fully in their corner, they were able to have an intimate ceremony, celebrating the culmination with a glass of champagne as the sunset.

Are you planning a beach elopement in Malaga in 2024 or 2025, I´d love to hear your story?

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