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Why eloping in Spain is easy

Eloping in Spain

Eloping in Spain is easier than you think. I´m going to share top tips for achieving the elopement that you have always desired.

Planning stage of eloping in Spain

First think about where your ideal location would be if eloping in Spain without thinking of the cost. Remember that if its just the two of you, there´s no need to cater for guests and accommodation etc.  As such leaving extra funds to spend on the location of your dreams; so go ahead don´t hold back.

Researching Spain

With google it´s so much easier to research information quickly about eloping in Spain, save to your wish list etc.; however sometimes it also helps to go back to basics. Perhaps use a travel magazine to source locations.  They usually come with specific useful information and about accommodation too and have often been tested by the author. Spain is a precious location and abundant with a multitude of beautiful locations perfect for eloping in Spain. As such you can choose from a wide range of the best fincas, haciendas, castles, private villas and hotels.

It´s good to be able to visualise your location and the other activities that you would like to achieve whilst you are in your chosen location/venue.  Because it makes it feel more real and achievable. You can even include some of your activities as part of your wedding ceremony or for the after party too.

Having a visual board, helps when eloping in Spain to keep your favourite place close in mind and helps you visualise yourselves in the space and your elopement choices. Get a map of the location in Spain and put your ideas onto your visual map board, venues, activities etc. Keep adding until you have your day and activities laid out as you would like. Furthermore by keeping it visually in front of you; it´s easier to see if there are any obvious gaps in your planning.

The law and eloping in Spain

Review the law for Spain before booking your elopement.  Getting married in Spain can be complex and many couples choose to get married in their home country first, before then eloping in Spain. Often finding it more convenient and stress free to celebrate their wedding separately.  This eases the pressure and means that you can truly enjoy your wedding ceremony without the hassle of thinking about this process. If you´re choosing to legalise your wedding you can do this before or after.  However, it´s not obligatory to legalise your wedding if this is not inline with your values.

Find a wedding celebrant that resonates with you in Spain

Find a wedding or elopement celebrant, you can find many by googling elopement celebrants or eloping in Spain.  Google maps can also be a really beneficial tool when narrowing down your choices.  It´s understandable to think about the cheapest option, we all want a bargain right; however, a celebrant is providing a bespoke experience. For this reason, their skill, experiences and personality are not something you can buy off the shelf.  What your wise investment gets you; is a bespoke wedding ceremony that´s really based on you. Your celebrant should chart your personal love story, journey to marriage incorporating your passions and future aspirations.


Research your suppliers I.e., photographer or videographer, florist, caterer etc. Some couples choose to bring their own photographer or videographer with them. Others opt for local planning services when eloping in Spain, who can organise the important details on your behalf. Celebrants often have their local contacts too; so there´s lot of options, especially as local contacts usually have the best local knowledge.


Arrange your travel, if you´re not tight for time, opt for a flight with layover, this way you get to enjoy eloping in Spain before, during and after.  It also reduces your travel costs, which can be re-allocated to other areas, like splashing out on your post ceremony lunch or dinner etc.

When planning your Spanish wedding elopement in Spain; decide how long you want to stay. Also, consider whether you´re looking for a rustic setting in a finca, or maybe you prefer a more cosmopolitan setting, such as a boutique hotel in a central part of Spain.

Family and friends

It´s possible that you may have a few objections from family and friends once you have announced your intentions to have a Spanish wedding elopement in Spain.  Essentially because they want to participate in your most special day; however what´s important is that your wedding ceremony is how you want. It should be the type of wedding ceremony that will have the most meaning to you.  After all your trying to create your own amazing memories that will last a lifetime and not someone else´s.

After party with family and friends

This is your opportunity to celebrate your wedding with family and friends, if you choose.  It´s a chance for them to share your joy.  You can also do this with a videographer on your wedding day so that you can share the experience with friends and family too as it happens.

Gifts for couples who elope

Having an elopement doesn´t mean you can´t have any gifts from family and friends.  It just means that you get to enjoy them later after your wedding ceremony and this can be a time when you are all together. Your wedding gifts could also cover elements of your elopement preparation i.e. flowers,meal after your ceremony; nights accommodation. The choices are endless.


Eloping in Spain initially might seem impossible or a lot of work; but by both committing time to plan it´s achievable. Try to enjoy planning your elopement and your time spent together, you can even make it a regular date night over a few glasses of wine or bubbly.

Use the tools like google that are out there, you might even find some new ones along the way. There´s also lots of wedding guides and apps available to make the process easier.

I wish you every success in your ventures; wherever you’re looking on eloping in Spain, it´s really exciting.

Are you looking for an elopement celebrant in Spain in 2023 or 2024, I´d love to hear your story?

Get in touch today, so we can start planning your special day.

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M xxx

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