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Image of same sex couple side by side on a Malaga beach, holding their sunflower wedding bouquet´s as they enjoy their blended family elopement ceremony officiated by Marcia Bravo Celebrant UK and Spain.  Both brides wear white flowing dresses with sunflower printed baseball boots.  Younger member of  their blended family looks on close by.
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Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially when you’re trying to create a blended families ceremony that reflects your unique dynamics. But don´t worry. Whether you’re a bilingual couple looking for a celebrant who can speak English and Spanish or professionals in various creative fields, these ideas will add just the right touch of fun and creativity to your special day. So sit back, relax, and let us inspire you with these five ceremony ideas for blended families.

1. Include a ritual as part of your blended families ceremony

Including a ritual during your blended family ceremony is a perfect way to inject humour, fun and increase the connection between everyone. The idea of those involved creating something beautiful together is extremely powerful. From a sand ritual, jumping the broom, painting or planting ritual, it´s an excellent way to have fun together. Here are few rituals that work well in a ceremony for blended families.

Sand ritual

Each person alternates pouring layers of sand into a larger vessel guided by their celebrant. Throughout the ritual the vessel can be referred to as a blended, combined or family vessel for instance. Adding different colours for each person and etching their names on their bottles adds a nice personal touch. Leaving each person a keepsake of the day, which reflects their involvement. The family vessel can also be etched with the names, date and place of the ceremony. As a result everyone remains connected for all time, as do the layers of sand that can no longer be separated.

What makes the sand ritual a popular choice is it´s interactive nature, where everyone becomes focused in the moment. It´s the intriguing way each individual´s contribution works together, with everyone anxious to see the finished result. A sand ritual is ideal in most situations, especially outdoor blended family ceremonies on a beach or a vow renewal with your family on a beach in Malaga for instance.

Jumping the broom ritual

Jumping the broom is another creative way for a blended family to celebrate the joining of both families. Traditionally the couple jump the broom to sweep away their past single lives focusing on their new co-existence. However, it lends itself perfectly to a family who are remembering their past family makeup, whilst embracing the new dynamic. Jumping the broom works for all members, but particularly well when there are younger children in the family too.

Heartbeat ritual

This is a great ritual for connection as a family joining together as each member passes a heart beat to the person next to them. Each person is united in a circle within the ceremony space joining hands guided by their celebrant. They share a heartbeat represented by the squeeze of the hand to the person next to them until everyone has received the heartbeat. The celebrant accompanies the ritual with specific words that resonate with the blended ceremony and the family. It´s a beautiful way in which family will show their love, passing this gesture between each other as they are connected.

2. Give all members of your blended family a wedding role

It´s important for everyone including the couple to enjoy this special reunion. Giving everyone a role helps increase the bond between each other. Have someone present the rings, this is great, particularly for younger members of the blended family. Choose to do this jointly or with one person presenting one and another the other for example. It gives the ringbearer responsibility for an important aspect and helps them to feel included and special. Accompanying you down the aisle can be beyond traditional, include your family in accompanying one or both of you. By allocating key roles to your family, everyone feels special and considered in the ceremony and commitments. On top of this they also have positive memories to look back on as they recall their part in the celebration.

3. Incorporate family in vows in your blended families ceremony

Including promises and commitments to your blended family in addition to your vows to each other is precious. Share your vows to each other first and then invite your family to join you both. A blended family can be wonderful and full of challenges and doubts. Here´s your moment to commit to your family and express your love to them. Regardless of the ages, it´s a moment for them to feel equally important in the new family dynamics. Make your vows a keepsake by framing them and having them visible.

4. Readings

Incorporate unique readings that talk about the beauty, challenges and joy of being a blended family. When you share readings written by you that resonate with everyone, it makes it much more personal and memorable. Furthermore it´s an inclusive way to include your family in the ceremony. Remember, it´s the inclusion of all those unique elements that you will all treasure and remember for years to come.

5. Commemorative certificate signing

Include your blended family in signing a commemorative certificate, as witnesses to your promises and commitments you have made to each other. Additionally, have your family sign the vows that were shared. This adds another personal touch and keepsake for years to come.

To sum up

In conclusion, creating a harmonious blended family is a journey filled with challenges and joys alike. Creating a meaningful ceremony can act as a precious milestone in this joint adventure. From small to elaborate gatherings, there are numerous ways to celebrate the union of a blended family. Whether it’s through symbolic rituals, crafted vows, or personalised touches, the key is to create a ceremony that reflects the unique relationship and treasured moments of your new family dynamic. Remember, it’s not just about blending individuals; it’s about weaving together love, understanding, and commitment, as you embark on a journey together. So, embrace the opportunity to celebrate your blended family with a ceremony that speaks about the depth of your promises and unity and future together.

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