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Micro weddings – Why are they so popular?

Micro weddings in Málaga – why the popularity?


Micro wedding average size

There´s lots of opinions that say what number of guests makes a wedding a micro wedding.  In some examples anything from 10, 30, 50 guests.  However, I believe that rules are meant to be broken. It´s important to remember it´s the couples wedding and their choice as to what they define as a micro wedding.  As wedding celebrants´ we always aim to support couple´s choices; offering a little advice and ideas as an enhancement.

Keeping focus on the couple

Micro weddings in Málaga like elopements keep the focus firmly on the couple where it should be.  The couple get to enjoy their moments in the spotlight and family and friends get to enjoy the celebration too.  Couples who enjoy sharing their wedding with a smaller number of closest family and friends relish this type of wedding.

Don’t rule out big ideas

Micro weddings in Málaga can still include awe-inspiring ideas for a couple´s special day.  Floral designs have taken on a whole new leash of life, now often being the key focal point.  If it´s an outdoor micro wedding why not incorporate elements of the natural environment.  Adorning trees with lights or non-intrusive decorative accessories can create the perfect romantic backdrop.  The same applies to the table design and seating arrangements. 

Above all remember it´s not necessary to pay a fortune to have a table arrangement that looks great.  However; if this is what a couple wants the possibilities are endless.  To increase the personalisation; including some small elements that couples like makes it more unique and meaningful to them.  For example, incorporating into the design of the wedding, seating, table arrangements aspects that reflect a couples sense of humour.  This makes the wedding ceremony much more fun and makes it interactive for guests.

Versatility of a micro wedding

This style of wedding really comes with lots of benefits, especially when working with a smaller ratio.  There´s such versatility in respect of where couples can choose to have their wedding from a café, museum, theatre etc.  Equally it opens the doors to couple´s choosing a venue that they´ve always dreamt of but never thought was possible.  In addition, having a wedding with nearest and dearest increases the possibilities of achieving a highly personalised menu.   Incorporating the couple´s favourite foods and personalities in a fun way, adds to the dynamics of the special day.

New dress code

The environment of the “dress code” for weddings has certainly changed over the years and more so with the popularity of this type of wedding.  What I like the most is the flexibility for couples to wear traditional dress, whatever that looks like.  In addition, because couples feel free to opt for a relaxed look or include fancy dress too.  I guess it´s because it resonates with my values about couples having choices and being fully at the helm.

To sum up

Why are they so popular?  Micro, does not mean compromise; quite the opposite; a “savvy” choice for couples who want the best of both worlds. 

I believe micro weddings will remain popular for many couples who love the intimacy of being surrounded by their closest. 

Marcia Bravo Celebrant UK and Spain

Are you planning a Micro wedding in Málaga in 2024 or 2025, I´d love to hear your story? 

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