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Image of an engaged couple seated smiling with their dogs in an autumn scenery of fallen leaves on the ground. Text overlay why are elopements popular?

I guess elopements are so popular because wedding couples get to leave the stressful formalities of organising a wedding behind. Elopements can be spontaneous weddings or encompass lots of planning. Either way, there´s nothing quite like the rush and excitement of a couple who have decided to elope; changing their vows in a place that is special to them; with the intimacy of just the “two of them”. An elopement wedding increases the intensity and dynamics of their special day. 

What can you include in an elopement wedding ceremony?

Just because you´ve chosen to elope, it doesn´t mean that you can´t include some of your favourite ideas. Symbolic rituals  like a Hand-fasting, or jumping the broom ritual can of course be included in an elopement wedding ceremony.

With an elopement the focus is solely on the couple and what are the most important aspects for them.  After all, they´re supposed to be the stars of the movie right! An elopement offers a chance for the couple to concentrate on themselves; without the need to worry about their guests and whether they are having a good time.  An elopement ensures that couples are able to relax and make the most of their ceremony and what comes afterwards.

Worries about what family and friends will think

It´s understandable that those who love the couple want to be part of their special moment.  However, it´s also important to understand why it´s important to the couple too to elope.  Having an elopement doesn´t have to mean not including family and friends in your wedding ceremony experience.  There are lots of other ways that family and friends can share a part of a couples amazing wedding.

Benefits of an elopement wedding

The benefits of an elopement are that couples have the intimacy they deserve on their special day.  Couples are generally stressed or feel anxiety and also excitement and being nervous is natural.  With an elopement there´s less worry about whether guests have arrived on time; including key friends and family who will be in charge of the rings.  The celebrants role is to work with any other suppliers to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Having just the couple present can really help to reduce the sensations of anxiety and stress couples often feel; leaving them to really make the most of each moment throughout the day. With an elopement couples only need to be present and the wedding celebrant will take care of the rest.

Types of elopement

There are lots of types of elopements I.e.  beach, mountain, hotel, off the beaten track.  All couples really need to do is decide where they want to exchange their vows and the time.  However, it´s important to think about the timing to make sure that couples actually have amazing clear pictures that they can actual see as not before sunrise or before sunset.


Elopements offer couples so much versatility, I.e., a chance to have their wedding celebration in locations that they never thought were possible due to the financial implications of inviting lots of guests; including at times throwing the provision of accommodation into the equation for immediate family.  Furthermore, depending on the location, not to mention transport to and from the destination.  Elopements give new possibilities for couples to use their funds in the areas of their celebration in the way they want and including the aspects that have the most significant meaning to them. 

How can family and friends be included?

Family and friends can be involved in other ways, I.e., in the financial planning of a honeymoon if this is what the couple wish.  This way the couple get to benefit from having the honeymoon that they have always dreamed of.  It´s now so easy to hire a professional photographer or videographer to create beautiful pictures for family and friends capturing the most key moments or streaming as the elopement happens.

An elopement also offers a great excuse to have a celebration with family and friends after the couple have returned from their elopement.  If family and friends are attending the location this could also happen on a different day.    The couple can always get dressed up again and it´s a further opportunity to have a more relaxed catch up with family and friends having already had the wedding celebration.  After the wedding day couples are more relaxed and have time to truly focus on family and friends and enjoy this time together without having to consider the formalities.

There are options to have a big family breakfast the day after too, or picnic depending on the location and the weather.  If the couple like sport, why not organise something that the whole family can to do together.


Whether couples choose to elope in the UK or Spain they should be firmly in charge of their choices.

Marcia Bravo Celebrant UK and Spain

There´s a place for an elopement in the UK and in Spain. The advantage of an elopement in Spain is that the weather can be very moderate,especially in Southern Spain. This makes for a brilliant winter, spring or autumn elopement and of course a summer elopement goes without saying.  Imagine the sea, sun and tranquillity whilst you make your commitments to your partner in life in your special place.

Remember eloping is personal choice and a chance to throw out the rule books and step away from tradition.

Are you planning an elopement in the UK or Spain in 2023 or 2024, I´d love to hear your story?

Get in touch today, so we can start planning your special day.

Let me help you take your dreams from paper to reality; creating dreams that last a lifetime.

Hope to see you soon

M xxx

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