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Re-commitments – a perfect way to say I still do

Vow renewals what it´s all about?

Vow renewals are about reaffirmation, however, their meaning and purpose vary significantly for many couples. It´s a symbolic gesture for many couples to reaffirm their love and feelings for each other. In addition, it can be a personal statement to say I love you and much more publicly to a few guests. Alternatively many couples choose to have it as a ceremony for two or a blended family ceremony. Furthermore it can be an important milestone to rejuvenate a marriage, placing focus on what the couple have experienced together. 

Reviewing the good as well as the challenging parts might seem a bit counterproductive; however, it shows you´ve weathered the storms.  Use your vow renewals ceremony to reinforce commitments made on your wedding day and engagement proposal to help, respect and support and love each other. Maybe you had a Valentine´s proposal, which serves to remind you where it all started!!

Vow renewals can be exactly what you want them to be.  For some couples having some of the original crowd from their wedding will be amazing.  However, for others an intimate setting with either a few friends or family; or just the two of you sounds perfect.

Renewal of vows can be like a new adventure, reigniting the flame of a marriage. It´s the perfect time to create new goals together; even the best marriages have room for improvement.

Why now for a vow renewal?

Busy lives often mean that we don´t always allocate enough time to evaluate or relationships.  Instead getting on with our daily lives, often taking for granted what we have and the support that surrounds us.  It is of course possible to show your appreciation and love every day; however, a vow renewal is a great way to reinforce this. A shout out loud to the other person in your life whole-heartedly. It´s a chance to demonstrate that you want to continue to share the best moments of your lives together.

It´s a chance to remember what drew you together in the first place. In addition to look back at some of the most exciting and interesting memories you shared together.  A moment to celebrate key milestones, feelings that were evoked, laughter, smiles, silent gestures that say a thousand words.  It´s about reaching inwards to your souls, remembering what you love the most about each other and why.  How you compliment each other and why.  Furthermore a reflection of your marriage and friendship that has endured this passage of time. Breakdown the magic moments and explore how to rejuvenate it as you take your next steps and adventures together.

Is marriage not the final chapter in a relationship?

Many people think that marriage is the final chapter of their relationship, because you´ve arrived and that´s what counts right! Well maybe that´s true to an extent, your goal in the beginning to be with the person you loved. The person with whom you knew you wanted to spend the rest of your life with.  However, marriage is an adventure, each day you learn something else about your partner. If not find new ways to learn about what makes them tick, what else makes them happy.  Help them to keep achieving this, which in turn will help your relationship.

When is the best time for renewals?

A vow renewal is what it says on the tin, it´s renewing your initial commitments to each other.  How many times have you had a vow renewal or wondered what it would be like?  Personally, I think it´s very romantic.  It says that you are still prepared to support each other, you are happy and value what you have together.

There´s lots of information on the web about when vow renewals are made. This can be from one year each year depending on the couple. Meanwhile many couples choose to celebrate key years from 5, 10, 20, 25, 50 and more. It really is a personal choice for each couple to decide if and when it´s best. 

Where can we celebrate our vow renewal?

You can have your vow ceremony wherever you would like. I guess it depends on whether you want to have your wedding local.  Maybe you want to fly out to a specific destination where you know that vow renewals are done? Southern Spain is a popular location for a reaffirmation ceremony, with a wedding celebrant in Málaga for instance.

The first time you were married maybe cash was short and this influenced where you had your wedding and also how.  Maybe you have always dreamed of having your wedding in a luxurious hotel or a mountain retreat or in the rain forest or the somewhere really extravagant or off the beaten track.  Well with a vow renewal you can do this, the only limits are the ones that you set for yourself.  There are no rules. As you are already married you don´t need to do anything else in respect of legalising your marriage if this is what you chose in the first place.

Including an activity can make a re-commitment dynamic

Are you both into sports? If so, you could encompass your vow renewal into a renewal hike if you like walking and then arrange to have your renewal along the way; and continue onto another location to celebrate your renewal further and on an intimate or grander scale.  Another alternative is if you enjoy sailing but don´t have your own boat. Why not hire a boat and have your vows at sea and a small after party or intimate lunch?  You could arrange for someone to do the catering for you or find an alternative where you go for your lunch aboard a yacht or similar.  I guess what I´m trying to say is that the sky´s the limit.  You want it to be something memorable otherwise you probably wouldn´t be considering renewing your vows. 

How about a picnic in a place with beautiful views with just the two of you?  Your idea might be to have your vow renewal and go to the movies after, or bowling etc.  Pick whatever thing has the most meaning for you both and choose something that you´re going to enjoy. 

Still unsure about having a vow renewal?

Renewing your vows can be fun with some laughter too.  After all that´s what you have been sharing during your marriage and has brought you to where you are now; renewing your love again.  If you don´t fancy any of those options, try something even more intimate and low key. You could choose to have a ceremony in your garden that way afterwards you can do whatever suits you; have a party or dinner together with family and friends.  If you both have children together or from a previous relationship it´s also a good way to get them involved, confirming how much you love each other.

What do you wear for a vow renewal?

Couple on their wedding renewal day posing for a photo whilst bride sits on a swing with bunch of flowers

Wear what ever makes you feel happy

You can wear whatever takes your fancy, if you feel more comfortable in a pair of jeans and trainers then go for that; after all what you´re aiming for is to have the perfect day and moments that signify the most to you.  If you want to put on your wedding outfit that you first wore and it can fit you!! then go ahead. Don´t think about what you think others may be thinking, it´s not about them it´s all about you. 

What happens at a vow renewals ceremony?

The main thing when considering your ceremony is that it´s about you and your celebrant will work closely with you to ensure that your ceremony reflects you both and your personalities.  It can be as short or as long as you would like.

Choose to say the words you said to each other originally or say something differently to each other. Alternatively something that captures what has happened between the two of you over the years, your strength, devotion and commitment.  Celebrants will make your ceremony reflect your journey together over the years, including challenges you have faced and overcome.

What can we include in our vow renewal?

You can include a ritual in your ceremony like a hand-fasting for instance.  Whether or not you have chosen new rings; you could include a ring warming as part of your ceremony too.  If friends and family are invited they can help to warm your rings imparting new wishes.  Your celebrant can talk about the significance of your rings even if you don´t choose to purchase new rings rings.  Remember there´s no right or wrong answer for what to include, it´s about what matters the most to you both.

Give your vow renewal a theme

You might want to have a theme to your renewal depending on which year you´re celebrating and your celebrant can encompass elements of the service that will reflect this too or you might want something that´s completely abstract and this is possible too. If you would like to walk down an isle together you can do this or you can decide to forego with this instead for something else, especially if you did this the first time.  You can also include your favourite music in your ceremony or maybe the music that you had for your original wedding; the choice is yours.  Remember also it´s ok to not have music if you feel that this is not relevant.  Vow renewals are personal and couples want different things, some want to have a renewal that is similar to their initial wedding.

Vow renewal holding hands

Vow renewals can include a symbolic ring warming

Maybe you want the celebrant to include some of your funniest moments you´ve shared together.  You can tell your celebrant separately so that it can be a surprise element for you both in the renewal.

What can you include in your personal vows to each other?

Your vows to each other are based on whatever you feel are the most important things that you want to say to your partner.  They might be the words that say how much you have enjoyed your life and adventures.  Or perhaps how much more you are looking forward to achieving together with your partner.

It might be about how you both compliment each other and the tiny details that make your relationship work.  Equally because of things that your partner does or doesn´t do.  You might want to say what inspires you about your partner.  You can even express what things you hope to achieve in your happily ever after years together?

Your celebrant will guide you whilst you both make your commitments together to love and continue to cherish one another and to be supportive.  After you have said your new vows and recommitted it´s time for the kiss if you´re choosing to do this as part of your ceremony.  It´s optional!! The celebrant will say a few final words to close your renewal and then it´s time to celebrate in the way that has the most meaning for you both. 

To sum up

To sum up a vow renewal is a very romantic and heart-warming way of telling your partner and whoever is listening that you still love each other.  But it´s more on a personal level of saying this even if you say this every day.  The renewal is an opportunity to get away from the day to day and really focus on your marriage.  A celebration of your wins and acknowledgement of the challenges and how you have come through this together.  It´s a chance to re-evaluate your love and what you have and remember why you are together.  A reflection on why you both work and a focus to reignite your relationship.  A planning opportunity to dream of new life goals and adventures to share together. 

That´s vow renewals in a nutshell, there´s so many options that can be included. You can however, rest assured knowing your celebrant will be working to ensure you have a meaningful ceremony and experience.

Are you looking to celebrate a wedding anniversary in 2024or 2025 in Malaga, I´d love to hear your story?

Get in touch so we can start creating new memories that will last a lifetime.

Hope to see you soon.

M xxx

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