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Multicultural wedding ceremonies

What are Multicultural weddings

Multicultural weddings incorporate similar structures as other celebrant ceremonies, however with specific focus on the cultures of the bridal party. Celebrant ceremonies include elements of celebrating cultural traditions; although not always considered as multi-cultural.  However with the focus of the story about joining of two families, two different cultures; in essence that´s what multiculturalism is. It´s the form of the ceremony that will look different from culture and couple to couple.

Multicultural themed weddings, mean celebrants can place total emphasis on celebrating the richness of both cultures in depth. Thereby, weaving a mix of cultural references into the wedding ceremony script. As such creating a ceremony full of colour, fun whilst keeping the couple and guests engaged throughout. It´s a chance for couples to be proud of their heritage and show this off to the fullest. After all; this is what makes their partnership, special and rich.

What makes celebrant ceremonies perfect for multicultural weddings

As celebrants we love helping couples to achieve a ceremony with the most significance to them.  Celebrant led ceremonies are perfect for this type of ceremony because we always have lots of ideas. Finding multicultural wedding ideas is great fun and I always strive for personalisation. As such I also get to continually learn about new cultures in the journey too.

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Multicultural ceremonies

Are multicultural ceremonies like bilingual ceremonies

A multicultural ceremony has characteristics to that of a bilingual ceremony I.e., particularly tailored to a couples culture and traditions. However it is not necessary to communicate in different languages; in all cases. Take for example a couple of Jamaican and British origin with different cultures but the same common language of English. Jamaica too has other dialects and spoken languages but English is the predominant one. Or a couple of African origin and British/Caribbean origin; with African dialects and languages but where English is also widely spoken.

The beauty of multicultural weddings are the multitude of variations they may bring I.e. a couple of Chinese, Spanish heritage. Couples who have very different religious cultures and faiths; and have converted to a particular religion/faith. Either way it makes for an exciting and dynamic ceremony. Couples get to be themselves celebrating their culture with either just the two of them or their closest friends and family, which is the most important.

What things are included in a multicultural wedding

There are many aspects that can be weaved into a multicultural wedding ceremony, e.g., how the couple met and where; whether this was in tradition with their culture. Did they have a specific tradition for announcing their engagement etc. Any traditions about marriage specific to the couple can be incorporated into a ceremony. It´s also an opportunity to include members of the family who can tell the story of the tradition whilst demonstrating it at the same time. The sharing of both cultures makes the ceremony more diverse as well as being extremely personal.  It´s also interesting for guests too, maybe there are guests who are not aware of the wedding traditions or things that make them rich. This is their chance to learn and also be involved in an interactive process.

What else should be considered

A multicultural wedding does not end here; it´s about considering all aspects as is the case in a bilingual wedding. How will guests be notified of the wedding, are they familiar with both cultures and traditions. Why not include a snippet of information or links with your wedding invitations; inviting family and friends to find out more about each others culture. Because It´s important that family and guests know what to expect and how they should respond; highlight things that are considered bad manners in one culture. This can break the ice and also add a bit of humour. In addition Identify any language support needs beforehand, so that all guests can enjoy the couples special moment. This also includes any guests with specific needs around accessibility or additional factors.

Flavour or theme

Follow the flavour of the wedding by including decorations or colours that have specific significance. You could also ask guests to wear a particular type of cultural dress or colour. When including a symbolic ritual like a hand-fasting, use specific colours of ribbons or other fabrics. In some African traditions using Cowrie shells in a hand-fasting is part of tradition; as are tasting rituals. Explore the food themes with a fusion of both cultural worlds. To spice things up; at the reception; enjoy food in the way it would be in each culture to add to the authenticity.

To sum up

Multicultural weddings are about embracing and celebrating the cultures of both parties and bringing together two families. In addition focusing on the couples journey ; how they met, the inter-weaving of cultures and their love for each other to arrive at the amazing moment of exchanging their vows and life commitments together. It´s about creating a ceremony that´s vibrant dynamic and rich to reflect the richness of the couples relationship and cultures. And not forgetting, it´s whatever a multicultural wedding means to you both.

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