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Intimate wedding top tips

Tips for planning an intimate wedding

Intimate weddings ensure that couples enjoy a highly personalised wedding experience. As such they are perfect for a celebrant led wedding. Having an intimate wedding gives you greater control of the most important aspects for you and guests if in attendance.  This is particularly relevant with bilingual wedding ceremonies, where increasing inclusivity and interactions with guests is essential to its success. Furthermore, an intimate wedding makes extravagant options more accessible. If there´s a hotel or place that´s your favourite; well now´s the time to make plans to achieve this.  You can do this!

Agree the location and set the budget for your small intimate wedding

First, agree where you´d both love to have your destination wedding in Spain or another location and set your budget.  It´s really important that you achieve your dreams so selecting where you want to go first means that you can work towards saving for your wedding especially if its further in advance.  Often, we have to compromise in life but your wedding destination is not the place to make the compromise.

Having an intimate wedding means you can spoil yourself and any guests.  Treat guests to gift bags with practical things they can use and enjoy on the day or after..small picnic ideas can be fun and won´t break your budget.

Include activities you love as part of your ceremony preamble or after party

Have an intimate picnic for your after party or in the days running up to the wedding or the day after.  This ensures that you get to wind down and if you´ve invited guests you spend quality time together relaxing or doing the things you love the most.  Ask guests to bring something to the picnic this makes it more personalised and cuts down the costs.  Above all enjoy the foods that you really love, you can still try new options, now you have more to spend.

If you´re having a beach wedding why not include beach activities that you can do with family and friends after the ceremony. i.e., later in the day you could go for a swim or chill out together on the beach.  A picnic together or a meal in a Chiringuito is perfect for providing that intimate feel.  You could also plan to hire a designated area on the front row for you and you´re guests.

Like being surrounded by nature; include a hike or relaxing walk as part of your intimate wedding plans.  Better still why not have your ceremony in an intimate area where you plan to do your hike or walk. Nowadays, it´s not uncommon for couples to plan an elopement on their own or wedding. Many couples either carry their hiking clothes, changing on route or arriving at the wedding zone in their wedding attire.

Source flowers locally and what you need

Buy the flowers you like the most locally. You can choose to splash out on your flowers with a florist providing a special arrangement or choose your own.  In addition, you don´t have to make a point of buying “wedding flowers”. A bunch of flowers for the bridal party and for decorations is perfect for your intimate wedding.  Be sure to utilise anything that is naturally available to you if you are having an outdoor or Eco wedding.

Wear what speaks to you for your intimate wedding

On the note of what to wear for an intimate wedding, remember the choice is yours.  Intimate gives you so many options.  What´s important is that you do what feels right for you both. Whether it´s a wedding for two or with guests, if you want to wear jeans, a t-shirt and your hiking boots, then that´s fine too.  Money saved from wearing non-specific bridal attire can be used elsewhere, in particular for your intimate wedding meal later or towards a honeymoon or treats on the day.

To sum up

Intimate weddings are great for enjoying with just the two of you or with your closest friends and family. Whether you choose to have a small intimate wedding abroad or in the UK, you´re guaranteed to find intimate wedding venues perfect for your celebrant led ceremony. Remember to focus on the aspects most important to you in order to have the most memorable day.

Are you planning an intimate wedding in the UK or Spain in 2024 or 2025?

I´d love to hear your story and show how I can help you take your dreams from paper to reality; creating memories that last a lifetime.

Get in touch, today, so we can start planning your amazing day.

Hope to see you soon.

M xxx

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