Valentine’s Proposal Personalisation

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Valentine’s Day is a special day for couples, and proposing on this day can be even more special. If you’re looking to make your proposal extra memorable, here are three ways to personalize your Valentine’s proposal that will leave your partner speechless! From incorporating your shared interests to finding creative ways to express yourself, these Valentine’s proposal ideas are sure to help make your engagement proposal one that neither of you will ever forget.

Before starting your valentine proposal plans, it’s important to know how you both feel about marriage and that your on the same page. Having asked the important questions about values and aspirations about marriage, will help you feel confident in asking the question. Remember to tell your partner why you want to get engaged, what they mean to you. To make it more personal and receive a yes, give examples of instances that contribute to why you love them.

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Romantic Valentine Proposal At Home

A Valentines proposal at home with your partner is one of the most intimate ways to pop the question.  Picture a dimly lit room filled with candles including those with essential oil aromas.  Add to this, a table dressed with lit upright or floating candles.  Select your playlist of favourite songs or music you both love or that you know your partner particularly enjoys.  Remember your setting the scene for the entire experience and not only for the moment of popping the question.

Decide how you will make your Valentine’s proposal. Choose whether it will be a three course meal or your usual with a twist, before or after dinner. Will you get down on one knee or serve the ring up as dessert or another quirky way? What’s important is that the way you deliver your proposal, will most resonate with your partner. As such, if having your favourite takeaway on the sofa and then proposing sounds more appropriate, follow your heart.

Image of man and woman next to a dock. Man is on one knee in what appears to be a Valentine's proposal,  with hands held towards woman who has hands over face. Roses and petals strewn on floor.   In the background and other side of river, bridge with people and sign saying will you marry me.
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Public Proposal

Pick a location that’s accessible with significance to you both or your partner.  Although, Valentines is traditionally still associated with all things red, you don’t have to stick to this.  It’s possible to make a valentine’s proposal with the ambience of romance and love without injecting all things red. Adorn with rose, lavender petals or other flowers or herbs or even paper hearts.  When selecting flowers or herbs try to incorporate those that signify love but their favourites too. Arrange for your partner to arrive at the place you have chosen at the specified time.  Enlist the help of a close friend to achieve this, if necessary to keep the element of surprise. If it’s a public family and friends affair you can invite everyone to turn up at the required time.

From flying messages, to will you marry me signs, there are so many ways to make a public engagement proposal.  What’s important is that this is something that will appeal to your partner and make them feel special.  

Once you’ve decided how you’re going to pop the question, it’s time to plan what you’re going to say to make your public Valentine’s proposal display of love magical.  And remember that after you have proposed it’s about prolonging that feeling and those special moments.

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Intimate destination proposal

For those of you who love to travel, the destination proposal might just be perfect for you.  There are many places that are considered the most romantic places for a Valentine’s proposal, i.e., Paris, Venice etc.  However, I’m sure there are equally many undiscovered locations in which to make your engagement proposal special too.  If you’re adventurous, a safari Valentine’s proposal or nature proposal could appeal.  Or there’s a hotel, or boutique hotel Valentine’s proposal in the mountains off the beaten track or in the city.  If your more spontaneous these ideas may suit you, as you’ve already organised the trip and what remains is the when and the how.

To Sum Up

Valentine’s Day can be one of the most romantic days in your lives when you choose to take the next step and get engaged. Whether you’re planning an intimate proposal or a larger event, personalizing the day is essential.

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