Cortijo La Rebanadilla Málaga

Finding the perfect venue

Cortijo La Rebanadilla Málaga, is a unique wedding venue in Malaga that deals with sustainability and offer something extra. Finding the perfect venue is one of the most important tasks when planning your wedding. So, be sure to select one that´s right for you both.  If you´re looking for a wedding venue in Málaga, you´ll be glad to hear there´s lots to choose from. Cortijo La Rebanadilla Malaga is an events venue with multifaceted zones, making it ideal for a celebrant led wedding ceremony. In addition, there are lots of other unique venues in the centre of Malaga too!

Location & proximity of Cortijo La Rebanadilla to Malaga city

Location to the city and proximity to the airport are often what make the difference for friends and family travelling.  So, it´s good to find somewhere like Cortijo La Rebanadilla Malaga that ticks all the boxes, for your celebrant wedding.

Amplified space at La Rebanadilla

On a recent visit to Cortijo La Rebanadilla, I was amazed by the amplified environment, conducive for wedding ceremonies.  It ticks the boxes in respect of location being less than 30 minutes by car from Malaga city centre. In addition, it has good transport links by bus, with a local bus arriving close to its entrance in the Campanillas district of Malaga.  You have the flexibility to rent the space, choosing your own personal catering requirements and entertainment, ensuring a unique and personalised experience.

Multifaceted zones

Cortijo La Rebanadilla Malaga comes with a wealth of space making it perfect for a celebrant wedding. Imagine your pre-ceremony drinks in one zone, near the pool with your ceremony in one of its romantic niches.  If you or your guests need to take a little time out there´s plenty of space to include chillout zones too. What´s even more special is that La Rebanadilla is a space where you can find a range of animals such as goats, sheep, tortoises, ponies, chickens.  As such for couples who love the outdoors and animals, this is perfect.  It´s equally a unique experience for couples who either have children or have children attending. 

Accessibility & parking

The Cortijo Rebanadilla Malaga has level access to buildings and outdoor zones, not to mention plenty of parking for your guests, including ample space for coaches.  It´s one less thing for you and your guests to worry about, making sure you really get to enjoy your ceremony and time there.

Capturing special moments

Capturing your special moments are priceless and Cortijo La Rebanadilla Malaga has an incredible backdrop of palm trees, Spanish architecture, zones of intrigue and more.  It´s perfect for a Micro wedding or larger than life wedding.  Furthermore, it comes with an accommodation suite for the wedding couple that includes a jacuzzi.  Perfect for that intimate time to relax and to brush of some of the stresses often felt before and after the ceremony.

Ecological aspects

For those keen on an alternative ceremony with ecological feel, Cortijo La Rebanadilla, has a small vegetable garden, making it apt for planting rituals.  The range of alternative spaces reinforces la Rebanadilla as an ideal Málaga wedding venue.  The owners of La Rebanadilla are warm, approachable, considerate and extremely passionate about ensuring their clients have a personalised experience.

To sum up

Cortijo La Rebanadilla, Malaga events space offers a perfect option for those seeking the sun, Spanish architecture, breath-taking scenery and a unique experience.  With the option to organise your own catering and entertainment, you can ensure your wedding celebration is personalised to you. You are in control of inclusion of those elements that have the most meaning to you and guests on your special day.

Are you thinking of having a celebrant led wedding in Málaga in 2024 or 2025, I´d love to hear your story?

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