How to create a memorable Wedding

Learning who your couple are is key to creating memorable wedding ceremonies

Celebrants usually offer a free nonobligatory discovery call or meeting in person to obtain initial ideas. It´s also to give couples a sense of how we create a memorable wedding ceremony; that´s keeps everyone talking. On receiving the go ahead to write and officiate the couple´s ceremony, Celebrants really take the time to get to know their couples well, so that we can create a personalised and reflective ceremony.

We bring our own personalities and style to a ceremony and that´s what makes them unique from the next. Some wedding celebrants use a quiz or questionnaire to obtain additional information about the couple. Or they may even ask the couple for a short video clip of their story and aspirations. The purpose of this is to learn more about the couple, and their dreams and aspirations for their ceremony. As such helping to ensure that as celebrants we can design a memorable wedding ceremony.

Research and further development

Following the initial meeting, a celebrant will start to analyse the information received, highlighting key elements. They then use their skill to find ways to interpret information captured, undertaking additional research along the way.

Types of Personalisation to create a memorable wedding ceremony

Ceremonies vary from couple to couple and the format may or may not include the couples story. However, Celebrants will usually have already established by now, how the couple met and when they fell in love etc., As such seek to incorporate other moments that hold special memories too. It´s the inclusion and fusion of these individual moments, which are what makes wedding ceremonies memorable. In addition linking in the couples aspirations for the future in a way that´s interesting, creative with a bit of humour thrown in.


Including rituals personalise a ceremony by bringing in elements of surprise and fun and is great for including other members of the family. Couple´s have the option to notify designated guests in advance or surprise them on the day, which makes their ceremony memorable.

There are so many rituals that the couple are sure to find one that suits them from a 17th century hand-fasting to ring warming or even wine, cocktails, jumping the broom and many more.  The celebrant will also ask about any cultural rituals that might be important to the couple and talk about how these could be included.

Songs and music

Songs and music are great for personalising the ceremony too whatever the size, elopement to micro wedding, anything goes.  These might be the songs as the wedding party arrives and leaves and for moments during the ceremony such as the vow exchange or a sand ceremony. Equally the music or songs may replace a poem or reading.

The songs that resonate with them are the perfect songs to make their ceremony extra special. That´s if the couple are into music. Live music such as classical, woodwind, guitar, percussion, gospel choir, also helps to make the ceremony personalised, fun and emotional.

Marcia Bravo Celebrant UK and Spain, in Malaga.  She is holding an orange folder whilst reading a wedding script created for a memorable wedding ceremony.
Photo by Eddy Santana

The finished memorable wedding ceremony design

Celebrants combine the different aspects that a couple has talked about and more to create a memorable wedding ceremony. Celebrants warm up guests setting the mood for the wedding parties arrival. In addition, introducing the wedding party as they arrive. They coordinate and officiate the ceremony narrating the couples story fusing any readings, songs or music or poems. They ensure the audience continues to be focused on the couple, as they say their I´do´s and exchange vows. Ultimately celebrating their partnership and first steps as a married couple at their celebrant led celebration.  Celebrants also ensure guests know where the post wedding celebrations are, in the absence of a wedding planner.

To sum up

Celebrants capture and narrate the essence of a couple´s journey how the couple wishes adding extra flavour to the ceremony.  This makes it a memorable wedding ceremony for the couple and everyone attending.  We are the warm up act getting the wedding celebration off to a great start; so the couple and guests continue to have an amazing time.  Celebrant´s roles involve lots of love, passion and dedication before the date of the wedding and telling the best story.

Are you looking for a memorable celebrant destination wedding in Spain, Lisbon or the UK, in 2024 or 2025, I´d love to hear your story. 

Let me help you take your dreams from paper to reality, creating dreams that last a lifetime.

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