What is a Wedding Celebrant | and what do they do?

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To answer the question what does a wedding celebrant do.  Celebrants are all unique, we bring our own personal style of writing and officiating to a celebrant wedding.  But it´s important to know that there is more to being a celebrant than designing and officiating your wedding. From the moment wedding celebrants are in touch up to an including your special day they are organising and coordinating for your special day.

Initial meeting

Wedding celebrants usually offer a free no obligation meeting, which might be in person or virtually.  The length of the meeting they offer will vary but as a guide allow between 20-45 minutes. Work/life balance is important so, we aim to offer multiple solutions to suit you like Zoom, WhatsApp etc.  If you have any specific needs, let us know how we can help.

Aim of the wedding celebrant discovery meeting

The initial, also known as discovery meeting is where wedding celebrants find out more about you. It´s also helps us to get a flavour of the type of wedding celebration you´re dreaming of.  Additionally you will get to know  more about the celebrant´s personality, including how they sound for instance.  You can then decide if they are the right fit for you.

The celebrant is listening to your story throughout the meeting and noting what´s important to you.  This ensures the wedding celebrant has a clear picture of the type of ceremony that best suits you. They will usually tell you about the services they provide and the cost of the ceremony based on the information you have provided.

Communication is key

The wedding celebrant will prepare the pre-booking documents and contract. They will arrange follow up meetings to ensure you have the relevant correspondence and requests at the dates required. As such you will always know what to expect and when.

Your wedding celebrant will continue to communicate with you up to and including your ceremony.  They will agree with you the frequency of contact and formats corresponding with the date of your wedding celebration.

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Writing your wedding celebration ceremony

Celebrants will write your wedding ceremony from scratch personalising your ceremony to your specific desires. Because of this, it takes wedding celebrants time, energy and passion to make sure it´s perfect for you.  As such your script isn´t something you can buy from the shop.

A celebrant can support you on how to include family and friends in your celebration. If you would like to include a reference to family members past and present your celebrant will have ideas how to do honouring those individuals.  Also wedding celebrants can include rituals such as but not limited to a hand-fasting, unity candle etc.  It´s also possible to have a traditional ritual or one designed specifically for you. If you need a few pointers on getting started with your writing your vows, your celebrant can help you with this too.

Depending on the services of the celebrant and type of ceremony, they may offer a rehearsal the day before.  This is to ease nerves and help everyone to know where they will be standing or reading. Etc It´s not designed to be like your wedding, after all, we want to save the excitement for the actual day.

Wedding celebrants liaise with other wedding suppliers

Celebrants work with a number of suppliers i.e., photographer, videographer, venue organiser, wedding planner and more. Therefore they may need to contact and work alongside supplier´s who are involved with your ceremony before your ceremony as well as on the day.  This is to ensure that we are all on the same page in respect of how we ensure your ceremony runs smoothly and the best way of working together.

Image of Marcia Bravo wedding celebrant UK and Spain. Marcia is on the Malagueta beach smiling with both hand open wide.  Sea, sand and blue sky in background.
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On your day

The wedding celebrant will arrive at the venue earlier to do final checks and meet up with suppliers and discuss and final details.  They will then be waiting for you to help greet guests and calm any nerves; and of course officiate your wedding celebration in a way that allows you to have the best experience.

To sum up

Wedding celebrants write and officiate weddings, but we do more than this.  We are coordinators, communicators as well as story tellers working to ensure we have captured the essence of your dream wedding.  In order to make your wedding celebration that extra bit special we liaise with a number or suppliers involved so that we are all set to support you on one your most important days. We have lots of ideas for any last-minute hitches so that everything goes smoothly.  We are one of your biggest supporters throughout your journey and we feel honoured to be part of your experience.

Are you looking for a wedding celebrant in Malaga or in the UK in 2023 or 2024, I´d love to hear your story?

Get in touch today so we can start planning your special day in Malaga or the UK.

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